Message from President

Message from President

Dear Rotarians and families of Rotarians,

First of all, I would like to thank Charter President, Past Presidents, Board members and all fellow Rotarians for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to serve as the 29th President of this vibrant club which has a very long history of serving mankind.

I started my journey from” Fellowship Through Service” in 1997- 98 and was linked to “Service Above Self “in 2010. This continuous journey of 23 years has groomed me into Rotary core values. Today Rotary club of Chitwan is a prominent club in the district as well as in the Rotary International. This year we have created history in many sectors.

Rotarians need to give something back for the privilege of being a part of the community. There are always high hopes from the community and globally to receive better service. Being a Rotarian we need to put our Time, Treasure and Talent as it is our obligation to serve the needy and the joy we achieve by serving will be worth the sacrifice. Rotary International theme for 2020 -21is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”. Rotary is not just a club that you join, it is also an invitation to endless opportunities .We believe in creating opportunities for others and for ourselves, we believe that our service large or small will generate endless opportunities for children and people who need our help. We may not see children and people lifelong who are receiving our services from our valuable time and donation, may it be in terms of polio vaccine, clean drinking water, medicines for sick ,food for hunger, education for children or environmental protection to the whole community. But Rotary deeds will remain in their hearts forever. The blessings and the satisfaction we receive will be unmeasurable and encourage each Rotarian to perform better and live a richer and meaningful life with friends around the world.

Our club has not only Rotractors as club members but past Interacts and Spouses have also become our club members. Let’s accept more flow from clean stream to this mighty ocean of Rotary. Let’s open opportunities to serve from a bigger platform. And with each one of your support and cooperation “Together We Can” achieve the Humanitarian goals as rightly brought forward by our district.

At times of pandemic and disaster, Rotarians all over the world are offering services to the people in need. The COVID-19 has hit the whole world and now the world needs Rotary more than ever .The initiation taken by Rtn Dr Harish Neupane,Immediate Past President Rtn Raju Poudel and Past President Rtn Mitra Raj Dawadi to establish 30 units of ventilators in the intensive care unit of CMC deserves a big salute. Now we have to build up the trust the Rotary International has on us.

Our Past President Rtn Rabindra Piya has already shown his leadership qualities in the district as the 7th District Governor . We have dedicated and selfless Past Presidents who have and are serving the district in different capacities, we have diverse members and spouse expert in different fields. My team will focus on long term projects initiated by our senior Rotarians like Rotary Karunalaya, Thaha Sada Brat ,Uday Kumar Chameli Devi spinal injury rehabilitation centre, Rotary cardio care centre in Rotary building, Chameli Devi vocational training school ,COVID-19 ventilator project , Hemo dialysis project, Rotary park and Durga Ni Ma Vi. We are also confident in achieving the district goals for 2020-21 set by our district 3292. Furthermore, we are planning to do the following:

·Organize up to two dental camps.

·Give continuity to global grant projects.

·Contribute substantially to the Rotary Foundation.

·Continue to adopt schools under TEACH.

· Conduct District Grant Projects in adapted School.

· Focus more service projects in our RCC

· Conduct cervical cancer awareness and control camps

· Conduct eye camps.

· Sanitation and hygiene programs in schools

· Focus on vocational training programs to uplift the community.

· Membership retention and growth

Fellowship which could not be enjoyed due to various reasons will be in our priority with Rotractors, Spouses Interact and Rotary families. Rotary Bandipur Street lamp project will be handed over to the community in a grand way with the senior Rotarians from the district and RI. I would like to congratulate all the Past Presidents, dedicated and prompt decision maker Rtn Raju Poudel, his entire team and all Rotarian members for a wonderful Rotary year. We are confident that we will receive his expertise and guidance in the Rotary year 2020-21.We hope to receive support and cooperation from all Past Presidents, Board members, Rotarian, Rotractors, Interact Spouses and family members and take up new challenges to achieve higher goals for the community with sincerity, loyalty, dedication and discipline in the Rotary year 2020-21.

Last but not the least I would like to thank and appreciate the effort of co- ordinator, editor co-editor and the entire team for publication of this Souvenir – Creation. I would also like to thank all Rotary members, financial institutes, medical institutes, hotels, trade, commerce and industries for supporting by putting their advertisements and good wishes.

Thank you

Yours in Rotary

Rtn. Roshan PiyaPresident 2020/21