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Message from RI President

12th April 2022

Dear fellow Rotary leaders:
As we embark on a new year of service, let us take the opportunity to reflect upon the gift of our
membership in Rotary.
As club and district leaders, you have such an important role to play. You can do so much to
help create club experiences that are welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable for each and every
member – and you can extend that same warmth and belonging to every participant who wishes
to engage with our clubs.
Over and over our surveys find that member comfort and care is the single greatest driver of
member satisfaction and our most powerful tool in driving members retention.
So, we need to put a special emphasis on membership care and belonging. And that work begins
with listening. We need to understand why our members took the big leap and joined us – and
we need to know what they expect from us. What do they want out of their Rotary involvement
and what we can do to help them get more out of their Rotary experience?
We all feel the impact that Rotary service and Rotary values have on us … now it’s our
opportunity to share that feeling with others. This is a year to Imagine Rotary by envisioning a
world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing we can make a difference. We
don’t imagine yesterday, we imagine tomorrow.
We imagine a world without polio, with clean water for everyone. We imagine a world free of
disease and where every child learns to read. We imagine kindness, hope, love, and peace.
Each of you has assumed important responsibilities as a member of Rotary and I thank you for
your hard work. You have made a commitment to help grow Rotary, to adapt to the digital
future and to make Rotary more appealing to future generations.
Your good work will help us serve our communities and help Rotary thrive so we can Imagine

Warmest regards,
Jennifer Jones
President, Rotary International 2022-23