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Rotary Karunalayam Old Age Home For Senior Citizens And Taha Sadabrat

Chair person Past President Rtn Chandra Man Shrestha. Rotary Club of Chitwan, Rotary Club of Kathmandu midtown and Rotaract Club of Chitwan established Rotary karunalayam home for senior citizen in 2057.

The motive behind was to give love affection and care to the senior citizens who could not receive it from their families. These senior citizens who wanted to stay away from home and was searching of peace and holy place during their last phase of life. Rotary karunalaya capacity is 40 and now it is taking care of 36 senior citizens with their food, health and all necessary items everyday .

Rotary karunalaya is located in devghat on the bank of narayani river which is one of the biggest holy place of Nepal. Taha Sadabrat has been providing lunch and dinner free of cost to 120 people every day and since 2066. Chairperson of Rotary karunalaya Chandra Man Shrestha informed that apart from the support and cooperation of Rotary Club of Chitwan people volunterly make a donation of rupees 7500 per meal in happy occasions like birthday, anniversaries and different festivals and occasions . Yearly expenses of rotary karunalaya is rupees 10 million.

Apart from Rotary karunalaya and free meal Rotary club of Chitwan has established health post since 2075 with the help of Bharatpur nagarpalika and Chitwan medical college so that senior citizens from old age home , visitors as well as people from devghat and surrounding Tanahu District can take advantage from the healthpost.