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Scholarship Distribution Program

Date:8th February, 2024

Venue:Shree Shiva Saraswati Secondary School, Rising Tanahu

The Rotary Club of Chitwan, along with the Rotary Club of Narayangarh, Lions Club of Narayangarh Chitrawan, and Dhanalaxmi Saving and Credit Co-Operative, worked together to organize a special scholarship program for 22 students from Shree Shiva Saraswati Secondary School. These students were given scholarships worth 66,000 rupees in total. This initiative aimed to help these students pursue their education without financial worries.

The main aim was to help students by giving them money for school. This way, they could concentrate on studying without worrying about money These scholarships weren’t just about giving money. It also gave students hope and encouragement to chase their dreams.