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Welcome to Cycle Fundraiser 2024

Date: 9th February,2024

Venue: Bharatpur,Chitwan

The Mechi Mahakali Cycle Fundraiser Welcome Event held on February 14, 2024, in Narayangarh welcomed Captains Sunil Pradhan and Captain Bharat Singh Thapa. Hosted by Chitwan Rotary Club President Rtn. Chandreshwar Prasad Bhattarai, with members from Chitwan and Gaidakot Clubs, and Bharatpur Garden Hotel Pvt. Ltd., it aimed to support the Spinal Injury Patient. The event chaired by President Rtn. Chandreshwar Prasad Bhattarai and facilitated by President Elect Rtn. Bhanu Sharma featured insights from Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha and Captain Bharat Singh Thapa about the center’s importance and the fundraising cycle trip. Rtn. Rabindra Piya, former Chitwan Rotary Club president and Past District Governor, highlighted center activities and thanked attendees. Chitwan Rotary Club pledged USD 424,for the fundraiser.