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Wheelchair Handover Program

Date :-  18th July, 2022 

Venue :- Bhimnagar, Bharatpur- 20

On 18th July 2022,Monday, 78 years Mrs. Goma Devi Pandit residing  at Bhimnagar-20, Chitwan was handed over a wheelchair in the presence of her son Jagdishwor Pandit. Past President Rtn. Uttam Lal Chuke has donated the wheel chair. Mrs. Pandit has suffered from brain hemorrhage by which she cannot move physically and paralyzed for many months. Rotary club of Chitwan has  continued its noble cause this year too that has been elaborated by Past President Rtn. Uttam Lal Chuke. Along with Mr. Chuke, Past President Rtn. Roshan Piya, President Rtn. Deepak Pradhan, Treasurer of Rotaract club of Chitwan Rtr.Sayal Pandey has participated in the program.