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You Can Save 5 Live Training

Date :-  November 4th,2023(Saturday)

Venue :- Rotary Dandapani Bhattarai Bhawan, Bharatpur Height, Chitwan

The “You Can Save 5 Lives Training” event was successfully conducted on November 4th, 2023, at the Rotary Dandapani Bhattarai Building in Bharatpur Height, Chitwan. Organized jointly by the Rotary Club of Chitwan and the Rotaract Club of Chitwan, the event received valuable support from Atmagyan Prachar Sangh.

The primary objective of the training program was to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge related to life-saving practices, with a focus on the potential to save up to five lives. The collaboration between the Rotary and Rotaract clubs, along with support from Atmagyan Prachar Sangh, reflected a collective commitment to community service and the promotion of crucial life-saving skills.

Dr. Laxmi Panthy, an esteemed international doctor, served as the designated trainer for the event. Her expertise and international experience added significant value to the training session.

The training program covered a range of topics, likely including first aid techniques, emergency response procedures, and other life-saving skills. Participants had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Laxmi Panthy, benefitting from her wealth of knowledge and practical insights.

The event saw a diverse group of attendees, including members of the Rotary Club, Rotaract Club, and other community members interested in acquiring life-saving skills.